Name That Bird

This guy perched on the back of our ship all afternoon as we sailed away from Aruba.  Anybody know what kind of bird it is.  Someone said it’s a Sea Hawk – yes? DSC01020 DSC01021 DSC01024-1


9 Responses to “Name That Bird”

  1. Ventzi Zhechev Says:

    I don’t think this is a seahawk. It might be some kind of falcon…

    Here’s an address where you might get help:

    Ventzi Zhechev
    a.k.a. a stray Bulgarian in Ireland

  2. nadene Says:

    That’s a peregrine falcon! where were you?
    xx N

  3. nadene Says:

    If I wanna be a real smart ass I can tell you it is an adult male – and they are the fastest animal on earth. They hunt by flying up really really high and then dropping onto prey from above at speeds of 200 miles per hour. They do not however tend to eat fish but they nest in cliffs – (or on top of cathedrals if they are cosmopolitan) were you near cliffs?

    xx N

    ps – FINALLY – a game the geographically challenged can play! Do it again!

  4. johnlenahan Says:

    We were at sea a day out of Aruba.

  5. nadene Says:

    |That sounds like a goodly way from land! He must have been very happy to find such an unexpected perch!

  6. tim Says:

    speaking of birds GO EAGLES

  7. subgear Says:

    A friend of mine remarked yesterday, “The Eagles have defeated the Giants and now must take on the Cardinals in Phoenix. Is it me or does all this sound like some kind of Celtic folk tale?”

  8. tim Says:

    great great metaphor

  9. Article sites Says:

    It might be some kind of falcon…

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