Tarzan of the E-Reader

As Tarzan walked down the wild canon beneath the brilliant African moon the call of the jungle was strong upon him. The solitude and the savage freedom filled his heart with life and buoyancy. Again he was Tarzan of the Apes—every sense alert against the chance of surprise by some jungle enemy—yet treading lightly and with head erect, in proud consciousness of his might.


Thus begins Chapter 10 of Tarzan Returns by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  I just finished reading it on my new toy, The Sony Reader eBook, PRS-505S. sony reader I know I’ve jumped the technological gun and really should have waited until there was more e-book readers out there to choose from but my luddite neighbor got one and I just couldn’t stand to be technologically inferior. 

Saying that – I love it.  I might even prefer it to paper.  www.gutenberg.org has almost every book that is out of copyright on their site and I’m catching up on classics.  I had read Tarzan a couple of years ago and was impressed and delighted with an unexpected story not about savagery but cultural sophistication.  (It also has a cracking ending.)  The sequel is no less a delight. 

This is not Shakespeare.  Burroughs was one of the founding fathers of pulp fiction but if you have read me, then you know I consider pulp fiction a high art.  I often worry in my novels about improbable coincidences but Burrows obviously didn’t lose any sleep over that.  In The Return of, Tarzan is pitched overboard from a cruise ship.  In the middle of the ocean he finds a sunken wreck and recovers a lifeboat.  He then rows to the same African beach where his old hut is!  Two weeks later Jane, on a different boat, shipwrecks only a mile away. 

But it doesn’t matter.  The book is a romping joy to read – as is the Sony Reader.  Buy one and catch up on all of that: Twain, Austin, London, Melville, Bronte, Doyle, Baum, Stoker, Dickens etc, for free.

I’m reading Jack London’s, White Fang at the moment – wow – kids books were rough back in the day.


John L

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2 Responses to “Tarzan of the E-Reader”

  1. ymp Says:

    gutenberg.org is a favorite of mine too. They have a great selection of classic scifi.
    Glad to have you back in the blogosphere.

  2. David Brain Says:

    And I guess Sony don’t worry about you downloading dirty books either.

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