The collective noun for a group of zebras?

I’m in South Africa and just got back from a Safari in a lovely private game reserve a couple of hours north of Cape Town.  With my new camera I feel like the shutter bug I was when I was a teenager.  Here is a lovely pic of a couple of zebra.  (Does anyone know the collective noun for a group of zebra?)  And the hippo shot is my new computer desktop. 




11 Responses to “The collective noun for a group of zebras?”

  1. Tom Says:

    I think a group of zebra is called a harem. I sort of recall that from a report someone gave in grade school.

  2. RobC Says:

    Oxford gives three options: cohort, herd, or zeal, in order of preference. Not very exciting!

    Hippos are much better: herd, pod, school, and… bloat.

  3. johnlenahan Says:

    According to my guide you are both wrong. Any more guesses?

  4. Tom Says:

    How about a band?

  5. nadene Says:

    ‘A Dazzle of Zebra’

  6. Andy Taylor Says:

    How about a Crossing of Zebra?

  7. johnlenahan Says:

    Nadene is right but I like Andy’s the best.

  8. Tom Says:

    With a name like Dazzle I would expect some show tunes and flashy lights.

  9. nadene Says:

    have you not seen ‘showzebras of the serengeti’ Tom??

  10. Tom Says:

    ha, can’t say that i have…

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