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Lenahan on the Radio

24,July, 2009

There’s actually a radio show (and a podcast) about magic here in the UK.  Host Matt Duggin asked me on and what a lovely time I had.  Listen to my interview here:

Oh my god, I’m turning into a birdwatcher!

9,July, 2009

I can’t help it – look at the birds out here. 

South African Birds 

Here is a screensaver of photo taken by me (and my Refol Nadene) for all of you twitchers out there. 

If any anyone can name all of the birds in this display – you have too much time on your hands.


More South Africa Pics

7,July, 2009

P6211140 P6211143 P7051645  P6211214 P6221289 P6221305 P6221402 P6221315 P6221323 P7051652 P6221345 P6221396 P6221401

Ooooh New Socks

4,July, 2009

I bought and wore a brand new pair of socks today.  Not because I had to but because I wanted to – and very nice it is indeed.DSC01137

maybe I should do this every day…..

A Dime Bag of Magic

2,July, 2009

Yesterday I went to a Sangoma – a South African which doctor.


I asked him if he had any medicine that would produce good luck for the launch of a fantasy novel based on Irish mythology – amazingly enough – he did.  For 10 rand (about a dollar) he prepared me a little baggie of white powder and a dried root.  He instructed me to light the stick so it smoulders then place a pinch of the powder under my tongue, inhale the smoke three times, rub some of the powder over my face then repeated with the smoke. As you all know, I’m Mr Sceptic but I liked this guy and I’m gonna do it.  So you all better buy as many of my paperbacks on August 6th as you can carry, cause if this works they’ll be a collectors item.


I have to perform the magic before I leave South Africa though, cause the baggie looks like a dime bag of crack.