Ooooh New Socks

I bought and wore a brand new pair of socks today.  Not because I had to but because I wanted to – and very nice it is indeed.DSC01137

maybe I should do this every day…..

6 Responses to “Ooooh New Socks”

  1. Tim Says:

    Fetishes are an uncontrolable part of the mind – these rubber underwear get very hot in the summer but I don’t care

  2. nadene Says:

    There should be a life guard in the gene pool……..

  3. johnlenahan Says:

    Are you dissing the Lenahans?

  4. nadene Says:

    any freak will do – you guys just happened to be closest ; )

  5. Tim Says:

    can you imagine criticism from a nation that knew about global warming and didn’t tell anyone. Do you remember the socks Cary Grant had on in On the Beach they were cool.

  6. johnlenahan Says:

    Gregory Peck, Tim.

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