The Celtic Balloon Knot

I just spent a couple of days at the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ convention in Southport England.  I did two performances and as part of my contract I got a table in the dealer’s hall to sell my novel Shadowmagic.  The dealers hall at a magic convention is a strange and wondrous place.  People selling all sorts of magic devices from: collapsible animatronic bunnies, to full sized guillotines.  All day magicians picked up my novel and asked, “What does it do?”  By the end of the day I was screaming, “It’s a book!  You read it!”  I sold about 70 of them.

In the stall next to me, selling balloons for balloon animal twisting, was latex sculpture extraordinaire – Gerry Luff.  He saw the Celtic knot on the cover of Shadowmagic and sculpted it with balloons – have a look.  Thanks Jerry.

Balloon knot

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4 Responses to “The Celtic Balloon Knot”

  1. Andy Taylor Says:

    Ah, the IBM convention. Brings back some memories, last time we were at Southport I lost my car keys and had to drive home to Reading and back in a hire car to collect the spare set.

    Well done for getting so many people to part with their money, not always an easy job in the dealers hall. You might have sold more had you told them it was part of a trick 😀

  2. Seth's mom Says:

    Seth’s read your book at least 4 times now, more if you count the late nights he spends reading along with the podcast. With the multiple other stories on tape he has, Shadowmagic is still the one he listens to EVERY NIGHT! He anxiously checks his e-mail daily (when not grounded) to see if you’ve sent the second installment of book two. If you need an honest, albeit childish review of your book to help boost sales, Seth would be more than happy. Especially if it meant getting book two out faster…hint hint

  3. Gerry Luff Says:

    Ooer! Fame at last! Thanks, John.

  4. Esmeralda Mickles Says:

    I just purchase shadow magic (a book that I first got via podcast ) for my Kindle (Amazon e-reader electronic device). Thanks for making it available to me. I don’t know if your realize this, but your book as just gone global because it is a electronic book. Thanks for making this posible.


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