A Warning for Shadowmagic Fans

A warning for readers and listeners of Shadowmagic.

I deliberately wrote Shadowmagic to be child friendly with no swearing or themes of too adult a nature but that is not so for this blog. I have seen a woman naked, and even though I don’t do it now, I have smoked stuff that was bad for me and I may write about these and other grown-up things. Being very rude and shocking is not what this blog is about but it is about an adult (in age if not mentality) doing adult things. Where appropriate I am going to swear and possibly tell a bawdy story. Younger Shadowmagic fans should be aware.

8 Responses to “A Warning for Shadowmagic Fans”

  1. Kelleyklan Says:

    John – I feel I know you from your wonderful voice – I LOVED ShadowMagic!! I hope in a most selfish way that you will grace the world with another delightful tale sooner rather than later.

    Much Love-

  2. Chris Waltrowicz Says:

    Hi, I’ve been listening to Shadowlands and really enjoying it. As an adult I find books much more enjoyable without the swearing and I prefer sexual tension to actual descriptions. I once saw Eddie Murphy do a 50 minute stand -up routine and it would have only taken 20 minutes without the swear words plus they didn’t add anything. Its good to be able to recommend something which at its core has good values, a believable hero and a good story. You are not a bad reader either, your voice is easy to listen to.

    Thank you, 5 stars!

  3. Jake Says:

    Will it be published on itunes free?

  4. Kaye Lynn Says:

    I loved your book. When is the sequel coming out??? I will be watching for it along with all the your other fans – I have read quite a few of the reviews on ITunes and know you have a great following. Congratulations for a great first effort.

  5. Michael Gardner Says:

    I loved Shadowmagic. I was impressed by the all around quality you produced.

    So often when something is called “comedy” it just makes me want to puke, it was so nice to laugh and laugh and not be suddenly brought up short by something off color. It was also was so cool that you made it so effortless to suspend disbelief and keep it suspended.

    Thanks for the great tour.

    I hope another book is coming, though I’ve seen so many authors whose first book was perfect and their following books just didn’t have that polish that the first had. I hope that all our impatience doesn’t distract you from making the best book you can.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Arron Says:

    I anticipate the sequel with great expectations šŸ˜€
    You did a tremendous job with shadowmagic and i’m sure the sequel will follow this pattern.

    Amazing work

    All the best šŸ™‚

  7. Stormy Says:

    Huh, not the kind of warning I was expecting. I was hoping more for one that said “Not safe to listen to at work, else you will laugh out loud and have to fake a coughing fit”…

    …which has happened twice so far. >_<

    Despite this, I’ve loaded up a bunch more episodes for today (I only started listening yesterday), so wish me luck. šŸ™‚

  8. Lisa Says:

    WHAT A WONDERFUL BOOK!! I listened to the whole book in one day. What an absolute joy to hear.

    I cannot wait to hear/read the next book!!

    Levelland, TX

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