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I am sure may of you have fantasized about what you would do if you ever became rich and famous. I have always thought that if I ever found myself in the situation where I had more money than sense (which by the way is not a lot of money) that I would – wear a new pear of socks every day.

One day last year it occurred to me that I might not ever become rich and famous (imagine.) So I decided to go for it. As far as rich and famous fantasies go – a new pair of socks every day is not so difficult a proposition. It’s not like I’m buying a Maserati a month. So every day in 2008 I am going to wear a new pear of socks and blog the experience.

Now, prospective blog subscriber, before you decide that you would rather read a blog about toenail collecting (I once met a guy with a toenail collection – remind me to tell you about it one day) I hasten to add that I will also be commenting on other events and interests in ’08 including: life as a professional magician, recipes from the Single Dad’s Cookbook, the American election, and most exciting to me – the publication of my first novel – Shadowmagic.

3 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. Diva of Deception Says:

    Great to find a new blogger with a new blog to read! I don’t blog as often as I shoudl, neither does Rob.

    Brian Sibley has blogged wonderfully and every day for a veyr long time but has decided to stop blogging consistently in 2008 – so I will start to read yours instead….

    Looking forward to it with great enthusiasm…

  2. bibomedia Says:


  3. Nina Says:

    I have just finished listening to Shadowmagic, for the second time. Will there be more? No matter how many other podiobooks I listen to, this one sticks with me and I would love to hear more. The story, and the telling were some of the best out there! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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