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Danny & Me

29,August, 2009

Britain’s finest broadcaster, Mr. Danny Baker was kind enough to have me back on his BBC Radio London show to promote Shadowmagic.

danny baker

Have a listen here if you missed it and then never miss another one of Danny’s shows again.


A Movie Moment

8,October, 2008

I was driving down the road and flipped on  BBC London Radio and heard Danny Baker say this:

So I pulled over and called the station:

My voice was a bit squeaky but I was excited – it was like one of those moments in a movie when the bank robber turns on the radio and there is a news report about the heist.



2,June, 2008

As many of my regular readers will be aware, Danny Baker’s radio show on BBC London is one of my favourite programs on any medium.

Danny daily opens his phone lines for discussions on truly important topics like: What is the largest thing you have ever had in your mouth? or When was the last time you screwed up and people applauded?

Today his topic was, Have you ever fainted? My answer is, well….

Several years ago, I performed my magic/comedy show after dinner at a corporate event in Barcelona and stormed it. A party ensued well into the night but the beer ran out at about midnight. I was forced to drink bourbon and foolishly drank it like beer.

I knew I was in trouble when I woke up the next day feeling fine – I was still drunk. The hang-over kicked in about noon and by four in the afternoon, when I checked in for my flight at the airport, I was in very bad shape. My flight was delayed and I fell asleep in the departure lounge with my chin on my chest drooling onto my shirt.

When I woke up I had no idea how long I had been asleep. I felt spectacularly bad, headache, nausea, I was sure I had been out for hours and had missed my flight. I shot to my feet to look at the TV screen showing the departure details and everything started to go black – I had gotten up way too fast. That’s when I shouted, “SOMEBODY CATCH ME, I’M GOING TO FAINT!” I held my arms out to my side and waited for the inevitable crash. Nothing happened. Then I saw the screen refresh on the television monitor. Everything hadn’t been going black – only the TV screen. The entire terminal stared at me as I sheepishly said “I’m OK,” and returned to my seat.