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Little Brother

24,June, 2008

At the Springsteen concert a couple of weeks ago Bruce said and I paraphrase, “Recently in the US we have had, illegal wiretapping, the tearing up of the Geneva Convention, prisoners with no habeas corpus and prisoners of war tortured. When we were growing up, this is the kind of stuff that they told us only happened in other countries.”

It should have been something easy to dismiss. Just a rant from a liberal rock star but the idea has stuck with me.

And now I have just finished a book that although it is aimed at young adults – it has sent a shiver down this old fart’s spine.

Cory Doctorow’s latest novel Little Brother is the story of a techno-savvy 17 year old who is arrested – no not arrested – taken, by Homeland Security without any kind of due process. When he finally gets out he fights back.

It’s a cracking book for young adults that includes sex, underage drinking, and serious civil disobedience and I recommend every kid to read it. The cool and scary thing about the book is that it is all based on real stuff. The surveillance, the computer hacking and the powers granted to homeland security are all based on fact. I think it should be read by everyone.

Little Brother is not yet available in the UK until November but you can download it for free online. (I read it on my mobile phone.) If after you read it for free, you have a hankering, like I did, to give Cory something for his work then you can go to his website and get details of how to donate a copy of the book to a library. I sent one to a library in my old neighborhood. I can only hope some kid reads it and grows up to be a little less compliant than my generation has been.