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19,September, 2008

I’m in Leeds.  As my old friend, comedian Dave Cohen used to say, “Leeds, a town so great they named it once.”  Actually the sun was shining as I arrived here – it’s amazing what a little of that rare UK sunshine can do for the appearance of a British city.  Leeds actually looked fun.

I’m up here because I’m performing at a black tie corporate event and realised after my arrival, that I had forgotten my cuff links.  After a quick jog to the Next Clothing Store I found these for 12 pounds.

Now I don’t what to doubt the claim that the stones in my 12 pound (24 dollar) cuff links are actually semi-precious but to make that claim the least they could do is tell me what semi-precious stone it is.  Don’t get me wrong they are nice cuff links but I think offering anonymous stones for a little over a tenner is deflating the semi-precious rating.  Maybe it should have been called Quasi-precious – or how about, Not quite just rocks.

PS  Next has some cracking socks.  I’ll show you soon.