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Cheating Refol

20,August, 2008

My family has always had a little house on a lake in the Appalachian Mountains – that’s where I am now.  Since forever I have been photographing the lake at sunset but i have never gotten a pic like this one the Refol got.

That’s because the she got up at dawn.  Personally I think that’s cheating.

I have a Wonderful Refol

10,January, 2008

As adverse as I am to public displays of emotion, I think it’s about time I mention that I have a girlfriend and her name is Nadene.

I never really liked the word girlfriend, even when I was just a boy dating girls – now the word just doesn’t seem to fit at all. I always admired how Shakespeare would just invent a word if he needed one and since so many of you tell me how much I remind you of the Bard, I’ve decided to make up a new word for my relationship with Nadene. From now on I shall refer to her as my Refol.

Refol – an acronym of – Reason For Living. Feel free to use it. I’m sure it will catch on.

So I have been seeing my refol Nadene for over a year. She is beautiful, caring, funny, smart and makes me very happy. Oh yea and she bought me a months supply of really nice socks.


Who says you can’t buy love?