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In case you weren’t paying attention

20,October, 2008

Slate V has produced two more – ‘In case you weren’t paying attention‘ videos about the US presidential election.  Here is the link for the two most recent ones.  They are brilliant – if only the election was as fast.

From the Conventions to the First Debate in Four minutes.

From the First Debate to the Last Debate in Four Minutes. 

John L

Everything You Need to Know In 7 Minutes

1,May, 2008

Slate V has done it again.

If you have been kicking yourself for not following the Demacratic primary process – don’t. Count yourself lucky. Saying that, maybe now is a good time to jump in, cause it has to end by August. It won’t take much to catch up – just 7 minutes – thanks to the excellent Slate V.

It’s Like a Doily

1,February, 2008

The last time I recommended one of Alex Chadwick’s, 50 Cent Interviews it brought many of you to tears. This one… well, this one won’t. My favourite thing is how the usually confident and unflappable Chadwick struggles to deal with this guy.


You can check out other videos on Slate V – here.