Listen to Shadowmagic or Buy the Limited Edition Hardback

You can listen to John Lenahan reading his novel Shadowmagic for free at

John Lenahan’s novel SHADOWMAGIC is now out in a limited (1000 copies), numbered, signed, hardback edition from Harper Collins. You can get one postage free (worldwide) from:

One Response to “Listen to Shadowmagic or Buy the Limited Edition Hardback”

  1. Esmerada Mickles Says:

    Hello again. I would love to purchase your book, but I would like to have it on a Kindle (an electronic reading devise available at Amazon). Are you going to release it in the US and make it available for Kindle fans. The good thing about a Kindle is that you will not have a publication overhead. It is a wireless devise that the book is stored on. I don’t think there are any copyright issues, but check with I hope it will be available soon on the Kindle. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and thanks for your work
    Esmeralda Mickles

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